SugarCRM and SAP Cloud Platform Integration scenarios

SugarCRM empowers businesses to create customers for life with the world's first intelligent, no-touch customer experience platform. SugarCRM's functionality includes sales-force automation, marketing campaigns, customer support, collaboration, Mobile CRM, Social CRM and reporting. Our SugarCRM trial instance is Cloud based, OAuth enabled but perfectly suitable for this Proof of Concept.

​ 1. OAuth-Token Session Handling

​ 2. CREATE Account


​ 3. READ Account

4. UPDATE Account

5. DELETE Account

For customers who want to integrate with SugarCRM but Do not want to use Open Connectors for connectivity, can Still use SAP CPI custom design to fetch OAuth-Tokens and Integrate with SugarCRM using HTTP(s) connector only.

In this case, You have to first fetch the authentication token and then use that token as Header request for subsequent messages to SugarCRM objects like Accounts, Leads, Users, etc.

After understanding the REST APIs, we designed end to end Integrations using SAP CPI and DOST Add-On® to perform READ operations on SugarCRM objects.

A Very basic, minimum functionality iFlow design in SAP CPI to READ Account master will look like -

Hardcoding the credentials below is for test/Demo purposes only, you may want to consider the security implications of doing so and ideally we suggest Avoid doing so in enterprise scenarios.

Configure the trial REST API endpoints in HTTP connector-

Once we have completed SAP CPI configuration steps, we will use DOST Add-On® for monitoring and error handling.

Send Test Message to SAP CPI endpoint which will receive the query, perform session handling and Invoke SugarCRM APIs to successfully READ the Test Account details from our trial system.​

SAP CPI message processed successfully

Our Interface was able to successfully READ Account Master Data from SugarCRM as-is and return the information to Sender system in less than a few seconds.

As we can see, the design makes SAP CPI call to SugarCRM token service first to fetch the OAuth token which gets added as message header to final HTTP query call required to READ Sugar’s Accounts master data.

We can achieve OAuth 2.0 authentication using custom design or OAuth lookup or Open Connectors. SAP CPI and PI/PO have standard oauth 2.0 lookups at credential and REST channel level respectively but the purpose of this blog is to show dynamically we can also extract token/session ID from any services for authentication.


Integrating applications with SugarCRM helps in enhancing functionality, productivity and better decision making in the CRM.

The integration can be done on-premises, in the cloud or hybrid. Some of the ways SugarCRM integration can help your Business are:

- Highly Scalable Application Design with a web-based intuitive interface.

- Able to access data according to the sales area and data transfer from SAP along with updations if required.

- Account Receivables and Sales/Distribution trackings.

- Built-in analytics and automated workflows that provide precise insights.

SugarCRM integration using SAP CPI and DOST Add-On® can bring down your issue resolution times and increase collaboration between IT and business.