SAP Cloud Connector - Installation Process

Overview of SAP Cloud Connector(SCC), Installation steps to securely connect SAP Cloud Platform applications with your on-premise systems.

SCC Key Features:
- SAP Cloud Connector is an out of the box utility paired with SAP CPI licenses, enables Industry Grade end to end Secure Connectivity of your On-Premise Secures applications to cloud-native layer applications.
- To enable Inbound Internet to Intranet connectivity No Need to open Open Firewall Ports/IP whitelisting etc.
- Supported Inbound Connectivity protocols are: HTTP, RFC, TCP

- Supported Outbound Connectivity protocols are: JDBC/ODBC

- SCC must be kept ultra-secure and installed at DMZ to ensure “Secure” Intranet Connectivity between SCC and On-Premise applications is established.

- Expose On-Premise systems for Inbound Message Traffic

- Options to connect via HTTP, RFC, TCP, TCP (SFTP) protocols

- ABT has planned for Two servers, SAP Cloud Connector is functional and installed on both Windows OS servers for QA and PRD environments.

For example,



Use these Virtual Endpoints in your SAP CPI channels as replacement to actual On-Premise host names, SCC will maintain and host these proxy rules over a Secure VPN tunnel which allows most secure way of exchanging data between SAP Cloud and On-Premise systems.

List of all Cloud Connector On-Premise systems configuration details can be viewed from SAP Cloud Platform cockpit whereas Connectivity Tests can be performed from within SAP CPI.