Learn SAP CPI using FREE Trial License

SAP offers a free trial and developer editions of some of its most popular solutions. Recently, SAP announced free Trail licenses for SAP CPI which is available on Cloud Foundry environment only.

SAP Cloud Platform Integration (SAP CPI)

SAP CPI offers a scalable Integration platform-as-a-service(iPaaS) for businesses of all sizes. It offers an all-inclusive solution that addresses the problems of Integrating On-Premise or software as a service(SaaS) solutions which can be time-consuming and complex. Let’s review some steps on how to setup a trial account for learning SAP CPI.

Setting up the trial license for SAP CPI:

Step 1: Visit the SAP Cloud Platform official website SAP Software Solutions | Business Applications and Technology and select the Log In option in the upper-right corner. Choose the login methods or select Register to create a new account.

Step 2: Activate your account by clicking verification link on the provided email address.

Step 3: Go to the SAP Cloud Platform Trial page (https://cockpit.hanatrial.ondemand.com/#/home/welcome) and click Log On. Confirm the terms & conditions for the SAP CPI Developer Edition.

Step 4: SAP Cloud Platform Trial screen appears. The first screen should prompt you for the environment you want to opt between “Cloud Foundry Trial” and “Neo Trial”.

Step 5: SAP CPI Trail is available on Cloud Foundry only - Click Cloud Foundry and verify the phone number again.

Step 6: After verification, login again and Select the Region for Cloud foundry Trial Account.

Note: SAP CPI Trial is available on Europe AWS hosted Accounts only. Once a successful instance is created, click Go To spaces.

Step 7: Search for SAP CPI Service under Integration Category from Subscriptions selection and click on it.

Step 8: Click Subscribe.

Now Assign proper roles to SID/email before login to Trial licenses.

Note: Make sure you have assigned proper authorization to your SID/email user else you will get authorization errors.


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Step 10: Once you are inside SAP CPI Tenant, you need further provision for it. So click on provision and wait for 10-20 minutes before using SAP CPI.

After successful provisioning of this final step, you can access the CPI system at “Tenant URL

Click on it and Enjoy learning SAP CPI.


Above mentioned are registration steps for setting up a trial license of popular iPaaS tool where you can learn more and get started with Cloud Middle-ware applications like SAP CPI. Contact us to setup or revisit your Cloud Integration Strategy at info@abusinesstech.com

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